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Hope Sabbath School

The curriculum is based on the current series of 13 studies, which is printed every quarter.  A lively discussion of the week’s lesson is reviewed by a rotating group of twelve young adults. Viewers from around the world participate in the one-hour Bible study program.

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Cross Connection

The life of Christ and our own is separated by over 2000 years. Yet Cross Connection bridges the gap to take you directly to the life and times of Jesus Christ. Our free study guides are literally packed with extra bible texts and knowledge about the stories, parables, and teachings of Jesus Christ, in order to help strengthen your personal walk with Christ. Each one planned to deepen your relationship with our Savior.

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Death, destruction, mayhem, and catastrophe – Hollywood may have its version of the apocalypse, but the Bible offers a step-by-step guide through Earth’s final events.  The very name, Revelation, reminds believers that they can know the prophetic timeline.  Shawn Boonstra, host of Disclosure, shares his knowledge both on screen and off through these study guides and study aides that help declassify information that was considered classified for many generations.   

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Stories are so powerful that some of the Bible’s greatest lessons come not in sermons, but in stories.  Even the best stories though are worthless unless you understand the context in which they take place.  Chantal Klingbeil takes viewers deep into the situations that Bible heroes lived through, in order to dig out the lessons God wants us to learn.  Try our free study guides and study aides to gain a better understanding of the experiences these men and women of the Bible lived through.    

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